Talkaoke at Fram Centre Public Dialogue 2019 Effects of Climate change on coastal environments

Fram Centre Public Dialogue is an annual event where scientists present their research on climate and the environment in the High North to the public. In 2019 the Public dialogue event explored the theme of a changing coast. It took place at the Tromsø Public library, which is one of the most visited places in town, due to its inclusive, safe and friendly environment.

Ice-9 worked with the leaders of the Fram flagship on the Effects of Climate Change in Fjords and Coasts to increase their local community engagement. We assisted scientists in creating high quality visual materials and adapting the language of their presentations to non-specialists. We combined a lively pecha kucha presentation format with the democratic ‘talkaoke‘ circle. Talkaoke is a moble talk-show which takes public engagement to the next level. Unlike a panel discussion, everyone around the table has a space to speak and be heard. Ice-9 talkshow host held a space for an open discussion between Tromsø citizens and scientists on how climate change impacts our local fjords and coasts.

We took this project though all the stages, from the idea to evaluation, using our expertise in marketing, event facilitation and project management. We created a theme for the event which was a red thread in our marketing materials, including posters, postcards, email and social media invitations. In addition, Ice-9 organised a pecha kucha training for the presenting scientists, guiding them through the specifics of the format. In addition, we have provided them with the opportunity to practice their presentation and get feedback.

To reach global audiences online, we summarised the presentation content in a digital ‘flipbook’. It’s a digital publication presenting cutting edge stories of humpback whales, urban kittiwakes, ecosystem services and more.